Second Ear Piercing, Does it Hurt, Healing Time, Cost, Left or Right, Pain, Care, Pictures

Does a second ear piercing hurt? A look at the second ear piercing, does it hurt, healing time, cost, left or right, pain and care. Second Ear Piercing Does it hurt Second ear piercing pain Want to get the ears pierced again? It might appear so scary, but in fact getting the second ear [...]

Ear Piercing Care, Aftercare, Infection, Solution, Swimming, Cartilage, Tragus, Types, for Babies

A critical look into ear piercing care, aftercare, infection, solution, swimming, cartilage, tragus, types and for babies. Ear Piercing after Care Ear piercing after care After you get the ears pierced, it's very much vital that you take care of them very well, so they fully heal before you begin to wear the dangling [...]

How to Pierce your Ear, Cartilage, Painlessly, without Hurting, at Home, with a Sewing Needle, Earing, a Gun, Safety Pin

A focus on how to pierce your ear, cartilage, painlessly, without hurting, at home, with a swewing needle, earing, a gun and a safety pin. How to Pierce your Ear at Home How to pierce your ear While the outcome of piercing the ears is very much glamorous, actually, the piercing of the ears [...]

Bottom Belly Button Piercing, Pictures, Rejection, Price, Cost, Pain, Healing, Top and Care

 Acritical look at the bottom belly button piercing, pictures, rejection, price, healing and after care. Bottom Belly Button Piercing Rejection Bottom belly button piercing When the body rejects a bottom belly button piercing, then the jewelry will move to the surface of the skin and finally come out. This might be much frustrating after [...]

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How long does it take for a navel piercing to heal? A critical look at the belly button piercing healing stages, time, process, swimming, normal, pictures. Belly Button Piercing Healing Stages Belly button healing A piercing follows a very normal and also very predictable progression starting from a new wound to a much healed [...]

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Do navel piercing hurt? A look at the belly button piercing pain, infection, level, after a year, 3 months, comparison, scale, do they hurt. Do Belly Button Piercings Hurt? Belly button piercing pain Belly button piercing normally hurts, but in relation relative to other parts of the body, the pain is somewhat average. Piercing the [...]

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A critical look at the belly button piercing scar, removal, before and after, infection, tissue, pregnancy, how to get rid and revision. Belly Button Piercing Scar Causes Belly button piercing scar Navel piercings, also called the belly rings, have increasingly become very common in the last few years. The people who choose to get [...]

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Get insights on nose piercing healing time, process, stages, bumps and how to care for a nose piercing during the entire healing process. Nose Piercing Healing Signs nose piercing healing signs You could have some pain, irritation as well as the tenderness in the nose after the piercing and even during the healing stages. [...]

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An insight on nose piercing aftercare, solutions, products, instructions, spray, how to clean, infection and ring jewelry. Nose Piercing Aftercare Instructions nose piercing aftercare instructions How to care for a nose piercing for the first three months: Wash hands. You should be making the piercing to be clean at least twice a day for the [...]

Nose Piercing Scar, Bump, Keloid, Information, Pain, Infection, How to Get Rid, Care and Jewelry

A critical insight on nose piercing scar, keloid, information, pain, infection, how to get rid, care and jewelry. Nose Piercing Scar Causes nose piercing scar Nose piercings are usually very safe and don't lead to any scars under the healthy as well as the normal conditions. But, for some other people, infection, or even [...]