Daith Piercing Healing, Time, Pain, Level, Infection Jewelry, After Care and Pictures

A focus on daith piercing healing, time taken, the pain level, any infections, the aftercare as well as the pictures. daith piercing picture Daith Piercing Healing Time A daith piercing is a body part that is located just above the tragus and the piercings always appears very similar. It is a piercing through a [...]

Infected Tragus Piercing, Signs, Bump, Inflammation, Swollen, How To Clean and Healing

The signs and symptoms of infected tragus piercing including the bump, inflammation, swelling as well as how to clean and heal it. infected tragus piercing signs Infected Tragus Piercing Tragus is normally the small ovoid cartilaginous flap that is just outside the canal of the ear. It has nowadays become a very common place [...]

Tragus Piercing Pain, Level, Aftercare, Healing Time, Infection, Cost and Risks

A complete guide to tragus piercing pain, level, aftercare, healing time, infection, cost and the risks. tragus piercing pain Does Tragus Piercing Hurt More Than Cartilage Tragus piercing is the perforation of the tragus, which is a small pointed elevation that is located in front of the concha of your ear. This particular puncture [...]

Double Tongue Piercing, Price, Risks, Healing Time, Pain and Infection

A double tongue piercing may take a person’s look to another level, and there's also more than one way to perform it. Before you make a decision to get a double piercing, you'll want to know what to expect including the price, risks, healing time, pain and infection. double tongue piercing jewelry Double Tongue [...]

Under Tongue Piercing, Purpose, Pain, Price, Risks, Healing, Bump and Infection

What is the purpose for under tongue piercing? Get more insights and information on the pain level, healing time, risks such as bump and infections. We have explored on aftercare, price, and pictures. under tongue piercing Under Tongue Piercing Purpose The tongue web, or sometimes known as the tongue frenulum is a thin tissue [...]

Tongue Piercing Healing, Stages, Pictures, Time, Process and Tips

How long does tongue healing take? Get insights on tongue piercing healing, stages, time, and process as well other relevant tips. tongue piercing healing time Tongue Piercing Healing Stages The tongue piercing healing process has the initial swelling, tongue irritation as well as soreness. After the process of piercing, the tongue may begin to [...]

Tongue Piercing Aftercare, Instructions, Information, Swelling, Kissing, Food, Smoking

Ever experienced tongue piercing? Here is the information on the tongue piercing aftercare instructions, the swelling, kissing, food and smoking. tongue piercing aftercare Tongue Piercing Information The tongue is always pierced by a professional body piercer using an implantation steel barbell of the highest quality that is found. The rest of the healing process [...]

Tongue Piercing Pain, Level, Swelling, Does It Hurt, Web, Underneath, Relief and Healing Process

A look at tongue piercing pain, the level, the swelling, the web, underneath and if the piercing hurts tongue piercing pain Does Tongue Piercing Hurt For most people, to question whether or not a tongue piercing pain is based on not knowing what to expect. Unlike getting the ears pierced, tongue piercings are not [...]

Infected Tongue Piercing, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, Web, Underneath, What To Do and Images

How to know when your tongue piercing is infected? Get insights on infected tongue piercing, the symptoms, treatment, the tongue web, the underneath and what to do in case of an infection as well as the images. infected tongue piercing picture Infected Tongue Piercing Causes Tongue rings are a modern and fashionable body piercing [...]

Infected Ear Piercing, Signs, Bumps, Pain, How to Clean, Treat It and Healing Time

Ever experienced an infected ear piercing? We explore the signs, bump, pain, how to clean and even how to treat it. infected ear piercing picture Ear Piercing Infection Ear piercing is a very old practice that is followed all over the world. At times as fashion but sometimes as a trend whatever is the [...]